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Welcome to our Country Apothecary, where the air is clean and the herbs are fresh and beautiful.

Ah, the simple pleasures of a beautiful cup of tea!  Our teas are created for that perfect moment, when you want to savor life the most.  Use your favorite mug or tea cup, sit in your favorite chair, and enjoy the right blend that enhances your mood, and makes you feel glad to be alive.

Our all-natural, wholesome teas contain only wild-crafted or organic herbs.  These are teas that you can feel good about drinking, bathing in, steaming with, serving to your guests, and giving as gifts.   

Beautiful Echinacea


Whether it's a gift for a friend... or for yourself, you'll need the right tea essentials.

The perfect tea experience is enhanced even more with the right tea tools, or what we call "essentials".  Our teas are in loose leaf form.  In other words, they are not powdered or refined, they are in their pristine whole state.  This makes for a more robust, full-flavored tea.  We recommend brewing our tea in a teapot, and then straining.  To aid in the release of their flavors and properties, we suggest a gentle grind with a mortar and pestle before brewing.

Our teas may take a bit longer to brew to bring out their full, rich flavor.  We assure you that they're worth it!



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Dreamland Blend



 The products listed and statements made on our web site have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The products sold and statements made on our web site  are not  meant to treat or cure any medical condition or disease.  If you need medical treatment or advice, please seek your doctor or healthcare practitioner.  Use these and any herbs at your own risk.  Even though herbs are 100% natural, individuals may have allergies and reactions to them.  Therefore, use basic caution when using any new food, herb or substance.


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